To the People of Dara-e-Noor
October 15, 2008
To the People of Dara-e-Noor,

We, Kazuya Ito’s family, are writing to express our heartfelt gratitude for the kindness and concern you have shown in the wake of Kazuya’s tragic death.

During the five years Kazuya spent in your village, you were very kind to him and treated him as a dear friend. We are truly grateful to you for this.

We know Kazuya wanted to continue to work with you and to accomplish more for the people of Afghanistan. Sadly, his life was cut short and he could not pursue this dream. Our sorrow is great, but it gives us solace to know that you continue to hold the memory of Kazuya in your hearts.

Some day in the future, we would love to visit the village which Kazuya so loved and to meet with all of you.

Until then, we send you our best wishes from Japan. We pray that you will be blessed with peace and health and that the future will be bright and prosperous for your children.

Our heart is always with you. May peace be with you.
Family of Kazuya Ito



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